satRday Joburg 2020 was a really positive experience, but not for the reasons I expected. It surprised me by reminding me of the importance of being kind to and supportive of others and just how much of a difference that can make in making one feel like part of a community.

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There is so much more to {purrr} than map(). {purrr} is a veritable treasure trove of functional awesomeness that can help transform the code you write and what it can do. In this talk, I illustrate what lies beyond map(), how to use it, and why it may be worth exploring {purrr}'s hidden depths.

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Working with complex, hierarchically nested JSON data in R can be a bit of a pain. In this post, I illustrate how you can convert JSON data into tidy tibbles with particular emphasis on what I’ve found to be a reasonably good, general approach for converting nested JSON into nested tibbles. I use three illustrative examples of increasing complexity to help highlight some pitfalls and build up the logic underlying the approach before applying it in the context of some real-world rock climbing competition data.

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Hendrik van Broekhuizen

Data scientist WIP, R immigrant & patriotic {tidyverse} and {data.table} dual citizen, eternal student, recovering pedant, occasional musician, rock climbing fanatic, amateur runner, board game enthusiast, and science lover.

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